January 24, 2012 – Invincible

In a city known for it’s history-making music, it’s only fitting to add another to the portfolio of influential Detroit musicians.  What makes this artist stand out is not only their vocal and lyrical talent, but their determination and passion for Detroit.  Meet Invincible, the hip-hop MC from Detroit making waves across the music and activist scene.  Going above and beyond their talent alone, Invincible takes an active part in her community. Working closely with Detroit Summer, Invincible engages the city to create dialogue and support one another, especially youth.  Being a truly positive person doing amazing things in Detroit, Invincible is noted as follows:

  • “One of the most talented emcees I’ve ever heard black or white, male or female…” – Talib Kweli
  • “Stunningly good.” – The New York Times
  • “One of the best-written Hip Hop – scratch that – best-written albums to come about in some time” – Okayplayer.com
  • “Invincible is one part emcee, three parts revolutionary, but the recipe is all Hip Hop.” – Shook Magazine

Participating in the Social Forum, Democracy Now! interviewed Invincible on her partnership with Detroit Summer.  Here is what she had to say:

Invincible is not only a talented and upcoming Hip-Hop artist, but an essential part of the Detroit community, committed to making a difference.  Below is “Detroit Summer” featuring Invincible and Waajeed.

To find out more about Invincible, Detroit Summer or Democracy Now!, click away!  Don’t forget the Facebook and Twitter pages either…

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